Welcome Aboard Non Sea-Quitter !

About Non Sea QuitterNon Sea-Quitter is a classic 382 designed by noted naval architect Ted Brewer and built in Florida in 1980. Some of these Morgan 38’s have crossed oceans and many are still sailing all over the world. Non Sea-Quitter was berthed in Galesville for many years and in 2015 I began restoring her to make her as safe, attractive and comfortable as possible for your sailing pleasure.

Why “Non Sea Quitter”?

I finally decided to name her Non Sea-Quitter after considering “Foer Sail” and “Captain’s Morgan” and many other fitting names. Non Sea-Quitter of course is taken from the Latin “non sequitur” which is something that does not follow or a logical fallacy (follow sea?). The little dinghy or boat we sometimes tow behind is named Sea-Quitter because of course she does follow and is used to “quit the sea.” There may be other boats named Non Sequitur but no other Non Sea Quitter…I hope.