About Captain Paul

It is my pleasure to share with you my home waters of the West and Rhode Rivers where I have enjoyed boating and sailing since I was born. My family shared a 1860’s era waterfront home with a large group of other families in nearby Shady Side. I was instrumental in helping transform the historic clubhouse into its present day Captain Salem Avery Museum.

My father often visited and fished there since the 1930’s and served as a non-commissioned officer in the US Navy “SeaBees” or Construction Batallions in Hawaii in 1944-1946. Our family enjoyed wooden Bay-built boats which is how I learned the “old school” ways of navigating with paper charts, a compass, depth sounder and binocular. My father and I volunteered together in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and performed safety patrols and communication watches with the nearby Coast Guard Station Annapolis.

I worked as a mate, captain and sailing instructor and have since been a journalist, newspaper columnist, radio show host, environmental manager, public transit professional and freelance writer. I’ve sold jewelry, office supplies, worked in a nursery/garden center and had a rare books and antique dealership. I received a bachelors degree from Hampshire College and a masters degree in journalism from The University of Maryland with a specialty in environmental reporting.

I co-authored and published the award winning children’s book “My Annapolis Adventure-Passport to Discovery”, contributed to the book “For Fishing, Family and Fun: Seven Decades of Communal Living by the Chesapeake Bay” (about the museum in Shady Side) and wrote portions of a “Reporter’s Guide to Covering the Coasts.” I’ve given tours of Jewish history at the US Naval Academy and have been a guest speaker/trainer in 21 states and Washington, D.C. on topics such as boating, transportation and environmental issues. I am writing a book about the history of Jewish sailors and mariners. My work as a yacht captain, boating consultant and marine service provider has taken me on a wide variety of power and sail boats from Maine to Florida, from Texas and Louisiana to the Bahamas and the Sea of Cortez, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the St. Lawrence Seaway and Lake Ontario. And of course I’ve sailed many hundreds of days up and down and all around on the Chesapeake and that’s where I now enjoy taking you and your guests sailing!