• Your safety, comfort and enjoyment are our top priorities and the below information is provided in advance to ensure you are prepared to have as safe and fun a visit as possible.
  • The Non Sea Quitter is a DRUG-FREE and SMOKE-FREE vessel. The Captain and Mate are subject to random drug testing. The Captain will immediately terminate the trip and return to shore without recompense if any illegal or controlled substances (except prescription medications of course) are brought aboard or if guests are under the influence of such substances, or are impaired by alcohol.
  • We depart and return to Pier Four Marina in Annapolis unless special arrangements have been made.
  • Guests are asked to arrive fifteen minutes prior to departure time. That may mean finding a parking space too!
  • Please wear soft-soled shoes such as sneakers, closed-toed sandals or boat shoes. Barefoot, heels, “flip-flops”, boots, open-sandals or leather soles are seriously discouraged.
  • A hat, scarf, non-greasy sunscreen (no sprays please) and light jacket are recommended.
  • All children under 13 must wear a Coast-Guard Approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD). While we provide the required commercial, highest grade Type 1 PFD’s for all passengers, guests are requested to bring their own Coast Guard Approved PFD’s for children and put them on them before walking down the dock. Toddlers and infants are discouraged but may be approved by Captain upon request.
  • All trips include a mandatory, brief safety/pfd demonstration before sailing.
  • Any guest that is not a good swimmer must inform Captain and will be asked to to wear a PFD during the cruise. We provide comfortable, light duty PFD’s in such instances.
  • Guests may bring their own drinks and snacks but are cautioned that the effects of alcohol are heightened by sun, heat and motion. Please bring snacks and drinks, but no bottles or sharp knives. NO LARGE HEAVY OR SOLID COOLERS will be allowed on board.
  • Personal items may be stowed in the cabin but we cannot be responsible for keeping them secure.
  • Management has the right to cancel or reschedule any cruise due to weather, mechanical, action by governmental authority or other issues at its own discretion. In such cases, a “raincheck” will be provided for another date. It is always best to call and confirm prior to charter if weather is a concern.
  • Rates and schedule and trip route are subject to change without notice and may vary due to weather, special maritime events, navigational concerns etc.
  • Reservations are required. Private charters are available. Please—always call us with any questions at (443) 852-2163 or write to
What can we expect when sailing?

Upon arrival, we will provide a brief but mandatory safety demonstration. After you are helped aboard, and we stow your personal items, we usually motor out to open water and quickly raise the sails. Sometimes we give a harbor tour under power. You can relax while sun-tanning, gazing at the scenery or just enjoying the peaceful silence.

Where will we go?

We will cruise around Annapolis and the Severn River and almost but not always into the open Bay. On longer trips we may cruise by historic Thomas Point, Sandy Point and/or Bloody Point lighthouses. On Wednesday nights we may watch the yacht races. There is always something interesting to see.

When is the best time to sail?

Anytime is great, but the water and shoreside is less crowded on weekdays and rates are lower.

What about snacks, or lunch or dinner?

Keep it simple! We have a refrigerator and hot and cold water. Catering services and box lunches may be arranged. Large, solid or heavy coolers are not permitted and glass bottles are discouraged. We do recycle.

What about bad weather?

We sail in perfect conditions at no extra charge —and if it is not in perfect conditions, we do not provide a discount— but we do not sail in risky or dangerous conditions. Please bring a light jacket or hat in case of rain. Severe weather requiring a cancellation is very rare and we’ll usually have plenty of notice. In such cases, I offer a “rain check” for another date.

I am concerned about getting seasick.

It is extremely rare that anyone will get seasick on our cruises. Those who are concerned about seasickness may wish to use an over-the-counter medication, or any herbal or other preventive or remedy but please inform the Captain if you do not feel well. We cannot dispense any medications but do have a first aid kit aboard.

Is there a bathroom aboard?

We call it “the head”and it’s clean and easy to use but the old rule is “Don’t put anything in the head unless you ate or drank it first —along with small amounts of toilet paper.” That means NO feminine sanitary products, paper towels or trash. There is also hot and cold running water. Guests may use the on-site shoreside facilities before sailing.

What about safety?

“Non Sea-Quitter” is well-equipped and meets or exceeds Coast Guard requirements for uninspected passenger vessels. She has all required flotation devices, extra bilge pumps and fire extinguishers, radiotelephone, visual signalling devices, first-aid kit and is always operated by a Coast Guard Licensed Captain. You must behave prudently, walk carefully, use handholds and let the Captain know if you have any concerns, or special needs.

What is the mate’s job?

When the mate is aboard, he or she will help you board and step off the boat, assist the Captain, handle the sails and the lines. He or she will be happy to show you how to use the “head”, where to stow personal items and to help you enjoy your trip.

Please note: The Mate works for tips only and it is customary to tip the Captain as well.

Can we help steer the boat or learn to sail?

Guests may help to steer the boat and raise sails but we also want you to sit back and relax. Many children enjoy having their photo taken at the wheel with the Captain. When we leave and return to the dock we ask that all guests stay seated in the cockpit and keep hands and feet inside the boat until instructed by the Captain or Mate. Please let us know if you are an experienced sailor. We do not provide instruction during our pleasure cruises. If you wish to engage in sail training, please inquire with the Captain.

Can we swim or fish?

Our insurance does not allow for swimming and we do not offer fishing trips—but we invite you to enjoy fresh seafood at the any restaurants in Eastport and Annapolis

Travel Or Stay Aboard The Non Sea-Quitter

Captain Paul has been taking guests sailing on the Chesapeake Bay since 1979.
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