About Capt Paul FoerThis is Captain Paul Foer “From the Foerpeak” inviting you to join me in Annapolis this October at the boat shows. There are so many ways and so many reasons to visit and enjoy the US Powerboat Show and US Sailboat Shows in Annapolis every October. There is something for everyone, even if you are not a boater and most of the time, the October weather is stupendous, although there have been some exceptions.

Come to historic Annapolis, enjoy the scenery, the Colonial buildings and atmosphere, the waterfront, which by the way will pretty much be covered by boats, throngs of show visitors and more boats. The shows almost take over the entire harbor with an almost D-Day like (well that’s an overstatement) conglomeration of docks, piers etc. You’re literally (and littorally) walking on water for much of the show.

So let’s forget actually browsing or even buying anything in the show for just a second and consider that there is great food, views, people-watching and even music. Okay, now back to boats. Boats and boats, hundreds of them—on land, in the water, on trailers. The sailboat show takes place October 8-12 and the power show is October 15-18.

But not just boats of course but every imaginable type of boat, gear, clothing, accessories, parts, amenities and of course services  from chartering to insurance to instruction. So get to Annapolis by plane, car, bus, bike, foot or even by boat. I recommend parking at the US Naval Academy/Marine Corps Stadium and taking a bus right in to the show entrance. Get there early, bring a knapsack, a notepad and get to the show at opening time. Pick out your prime destinations whether it be a booth, a vendor or a particular boat and get there first. Then expect to walk…and walk. Wear good boat shoes that you can slip on and off really easily, if you wish to board one of the many boats where you will be asked you to remove your shoes.

Bring a hat, scarf, sunglasses or maybe a sweater or light jacket. Expect big crowds and some waiting in line, but review the show’s layout in advance. It’s set up pretty much the same every year and so consistency is key to its success. It’s familiar to many show and industry veterans but a little advance research will help make your visit more productive.

Associated with the shows are seminars and lectures, demonstrations and parties!

For more information, visit www.annapolisboatshows.com. Have a great time. Expect to take a long day, get tired and learn a lot, maybe even see old friends and make new ones. Oh, and bring your credit cards and checkbooks of course and be on the lookout for the many show discounts and specials.

If I can provide additional information or suggestions or you are in need of a sailing professional to accompany and consult with you at the show, provide you with educated opinions and experience to help you choose a particular boat or service, please contact me. As always, I am pleased to provide complimentary advice about how best to enjoy your visit to Annapolis and to the worlds best boat shows. Or we can just meet up for a beer and sea stories! Captain Paul Foer   paul@foerfront.com www.foerfront.com